How to Light the New 27″ Yukon

Whether you’ve been dying to see a new 27″ Yukon in action or you’ve got one in your yard, we wanted to give a little guidance on how to light the new beast. Check out this video to learn how easy it is to build the perfect fire that will last as long as you want to keep loading it up.

Prep: Gather your firewood

You only need three types of wood to light up your 27″ Yukon:

  • fire starters or small twigs for tinder
  • hardwood splits for kindling
  • hardwood logs for fuel wood

You can use any wood you like as long as it is dry. We recommend hardwood, such as juniper and oak, because it burns longer and hotter than softwood.

For kindling, we used our Juniper Aromatic Firewood because each log is kiln-dried and pre-cut to fit inside the 27″ Yukon. Plus, it smells so good when it burns. Using a hatchet, split a few logs in half to make medium-sized logs for your base and some into fourths to make smaller logs for kindling.

For fuel wood, we used hardwood logs cut to around 10″ in length. These can be firewood bought from a store or from fallen tree branches you’ve gathered.

Step 1: Use medium size logs to create a base

Take your medium-sized kindling logs and create a square border around the center of your 27″ Yukon. This will keep the fire starters you add in the next step in place.

Step 2: Place fire starters on the grate

The 27″ Yukon is a large fire pit. You’ll need to use three fire starters to help get your fire roaring. Space your fire starters evenly inside the square border, one in the center and one on either side near the edge of the square border.

Step 3: Use small logs or sticks to form a teepee

Take one of your smaller pieces of kindling and place it on top of the square border from top to bottom. Create a teepee with the rest of your kindling logs by stacking them into a pyramid around the top. Stacking your kindling allows air to flow to an ember bed to fuel your larger firewood logs.

Step 4: Light fire starters

Use a long-nose lighter, like one you use for lighting candles, to light your fire starters.

Step 5: Add larger logs and enjoy!

After around two minutes, your kindling should be fully caught and a nice ember bed has started to form. Go ahead and start to add your larger hardwood logs one at a time. Allow each log to catch fire before adding another.

Now it’s time to bask in the glow of the beautiful fire you created. Here’s to many great memories around the new 27″ Yukon.