How Solo Stove Shield Creates an Even Safer Fire

By Sean Leslie

We believe there’s no better way to reconnect with friends and family than by sitting around a beautiful and safe fire. A crucial tool for all kinds of purposes, fire benefits our health and even played a vital role in the development of our species! While Solo Stove fire pits are much safer than traditional solutions, without the right precautions, care, and attention, fire can be dangerous and damaging.

That’s why we’re unveiling our most-requested accessory, the Solo Stove Shield fire pit spark screen.

You asked, and we delivered. The durable, stainless steel Solo Stove Shield provides an extra degree of safety and peace-of-mind by preventing sparks and embers from escaping from your Solo Stove fire pit.

Shield neatly nests inside each fire pit.

Unmistakably a Solo Stove product, our clean, minimal, two-piece spark Shield keeps embers where they should be. The upper section can be removed by itself, allowing you to add more wood to your fire without having to remove the entire unit. The shield also self-centers to dock perfectly and seamlessly with your fire pit. The grooved rim provides visual and physical guidelines to help align the upper and lower sections, and the grooves serve as convenient roasting stick supports when you and yours are crafting the perfect s’mores.

Grooved rim for roasting.

We’ve been working on the Shield for a while, not only because you’ve been asking for it, but because we believe it’s important that we help to keep your embers in your fire pit. On breezy days and in dry conditions, Shield keeps sparks and embers where they belong—in your Solo Stove fire pit and away from trees, plants, overhanging foliage, powerlines, vehicles or anything else that could potentially catch fire!

Along with taking basic precautions when using your Solo Stove camping stove or fire pit—like having a bucket of dirt on hand and always having an adult nearby—by using the Solo Stove Shield, you’ll drastically reduce the chances of embers leaving your fire pit. And that means you’ll be able to sit back, enjoy the flames, and reconnect with friends and family secure in the peace of mind that your fire will stay in your Solo Stove, exactly where you want it.

Learn more about the Solo Stove Shield fire pit spark screen here.