Cover Photo by Jason G.

How Hot!? 8 Things Not As Hot As Your Solo Stove

by Devin Osbourn

How hot is your favorite smokeless fire pit, really? We all know that the hot and toasty joys in life require us to exercise a little extra caution, and your Solo Stove flame is no exception. Just a few of the hottest and toasty-est things we could find (that are still not as hot as your Solo Stove) remind us to take care when creating good moments.

Beach Sands On The Hottest Day in August

Don’t forget to pop on those flip flops before you step off the boardwalk, summer sands creep up to 120°Fa by mid-day.

Would we love the cool waters as much if we didn’t have to cross the burning sands? Maybe not, but adequate footwear is going to keep you blister-free on your beach trips.

Grant G. opts for a cooler season to hit the beach.

Piping Hot Cup Of Coffee

Some say the perfect brewing temperature is about 200°Fb, but by the time your sensible barista hands over the goods, your morning joe is sitting just below 155°Fb. Still way too hot for a sip!

Even boiling temperatures can’t keep us away from the joy of a morning ritual. The satisfaction that comes from the ‘first sip’ is likely owed to your patience as much as the caffeine rush.

Meagan S. warms up with a hot cup.

Slides And Monkeybars In The Summer

This experience transcends generations, with even plastic slides climbing to 180°Fc, just imagine the old-school metal chutes.

There’s always a thoughtful adult behind a child’s unadulterated fun. With the advent of large shade canopies for playgrounds, kids can still be kids.

Zac W. takes snack time seriously. Grill hard and play harder!

Golden Brown Toasted Marshmallows

The time it takes to build a s’more may be the only thing standing between us and a 235°Fd marshmallow fresh out of the fire.

Like many great experiences in life, a s’more is truly greater than the sum of its parts.

Cynthia B. has the world in her hands.

Curling Irons and Hot Combs

Many of us have learned the hard way that your preferred hair-altering device can reach 450°F, even if your favorite setting is closer to 200°F.

Wear your darling curls or silken locks with pride! A lot of work goes into effortless beauty.

The real reason @_tarynn_up_the_map is smiling? She’s not going to have to wash any smoke out of those bouncy waves.

The Tailpipe On Your Cousin’s Motorcycle

There’s a reason for all that denim and leather in a biker’s outfit. The tailpipe or engine on a motorcycle is easily 500°F after a short ride around the block. The exhaust can be even hotter!

Freedom and adventure at any cost. Careful conduct and a sweet outfit hardly seem like a high price, ask anyone with a Harley.

Molten Lava

Rocks only need to be 895°Ff before they start crawling across volcanic landscapes. And yes, this is still not as hot as your Solo Stove.

Maybe we don’t love lava the way we love a cup of coffee, but it’s nice to take a moment to remind yourself that the power of nature is often empowering and inspiring.

Ashleigh B. captures the mouth of an active volcano. Oh wait, it’s just little ember action!

Campfires From Your Favorite Childhood Memories

A fire built on the ground in a circle of stones might only be 900°Fg, and you can tell by the deep red hue of the flames.

Of course, you wouldn’t trade your old memories for the world, but anyone would jump at the chance to make more. More good moments are what life is all about.

Michael C. and family look to the flames, and the future.

So how hot is a Solo Stove?

If you’re not familiar with our signature secondary burn design, you might be surprised to know that the flames within your Solo Stove fire pit will easily break 1000°F, the minimum temperature to qualify as secondary combustion. As far as the exterior goes, let’s say it’s untouchable.

Good moments might be tangled up with risk and chance, but it hasn’t stopped thoughtful members of the Solo Stove community from seeking joy.