Hoisin-Glazed Pork Tenderloin

This isn’t your grandpa’s pork tenderloin. The sweet-and-spicy marinade made with Hoisin and sriracha sauce puts a twist on an old favorite recipe, made with the Solo Stove Grill.


1 pork tenderloin
1/2 cup hoisin sauce
1/2 cup soy sauce
1 tbsb fresh ginger
1 tbsb chopped garlic
1 tbsb sriracha
1/2 lime, juiced


  1. Place hoisin sauce, soy sauce, ginger, garlic, sriracha, and lime juice into a large resealable bag. Seal and shake to combine.
  2. Add pork tenderloin to the bag and seal. Shake bag to coat meat evenly. Place bag in the refrigerator to marinate overnight or at least 2 hours.
  3. To grill, cook on direct heat until the outside of the meat has started to caramelize and form a nice crust. Move to indirect heat. Replace grill lid, open air valve halfway and cook until the internal temperature of the meat reached 145° F.
  4. Slice against the grain in 1/2″ to 3/4″ slices and serve.

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