Hi, I’m Pi

By Carolyn Owen and Devin Osbourn

Flavor is a Universal Language

From the first meal around a fire ‘til now, deep connections have been formed in meaningful ways just by sharing a meal. The Solo Stove Community has been there to cheer us on as we explore new innovations in our product line. It’s with humility that we accept this encouragement as we go even further into your backyard to create new types of experiences and ways to make memories.

Inspired by tradition and reinvented for the modern backyard, we are pleased to introduce the pizza oven for everyone. Meet, Solo Stove Pi.

At our company, authenticity plays a major role in every decision we make. Drawing inspiration from classic brick pizza ovens hailing from Italy, Pi is designed to be the pizza oven that chefs of any expertise will revel in. The time-honored traditions of Italian cuisine were honored throughout the production of Pi, and after over a year of development, we are excited to unveil our newest innovation.

Getting To Know Pi

With the introduction of Pi into our product line, we’re ready to defend the notion that outdoor kitchens are incomplete without a pizza oven. For those who revel in cooking outdoors, the sky’s the limit with Pi– with this new addition to your backyard, you’ll remember this twist on Friday pizza nights for years to come. Read on to learn more about what makes Pi the perfect tool for the aspiring backyard artisan: 

Well-Rounded Design

With a sleek stainless-steel construction, Pi’s design elevates any backyard’s aesthetic. We took the curve out of learning to use our pizza oven and put it right into the design. Simple to use and designed for everyone, the namesake of Pi isn’t the only thing that’s round. Designed with a Demi-Dome Construction, convection is enhanced to distribute heat to everywhere that matters. The circular flow of air is self-sustaining, meaning every time you launch your pizza, it’s entering an ultra-hot air pocket, helping to evenly cook your pie in a couple minutes or less.

A Panoramic Opening lets you get a good look at your Pi in action, while launching and turning pizzas with ease. Angled edges at the front of Pi allow for safe pizza handling and, when cool, an easy access for retrieving the cordierite stones inside.

Two porous cordierite stone halves stretch the entire length of Pi’s inner chamber providing “wall-to-wall” coverage. Cordierite holds in heat and releases it slowly, making it slow to react to temperature changes. Convection heating enhanced by demi-dome construction, as well as ceramic insulation, creates an evenly cooked pizza–bake after bake.  Easy to install, clean, and replace thanks to their halved construction, these stones are made to hold up to even your most intense recipes.


Solo Stove Pi aims to personalize the pizza experience in all ways, namely, giving you the power to choose your fuel source. A dual-fuel marvel, use Pi with your choice of wood or gas.

Pi’s gas burner makes your experience simple: all you have to do is turn a knob. Use the gas burner when your favorite wood is out of season, or to create a low-fume environment for your pizza to bake in. Following the example of most modern pizza kitchens, Pi’s gas burner is the perfect choice for those who like a laid-back approach.

Few experiences compare to the thrill of wood-firing your own pizza. For those that enjoy experimenting with different wood-fired flavors, the wood-burning assembly unlocks a variety of flavor possibilities to explore. Made possible by three simple components, the ash pan, fuel grate, and rear door, wood-firing is achievable even for novice pizza chefs, especially those aiming to master a Neapolitan recipe. Pi’s rear opening is wide enough to access its fuel grate safely. Thanks to its demi-dome structure, Pi uses heat as efficiently as possible so you won’t have to worry about running out of wood mid-bake– plan on being able to bake even longer than you’d expect to while wood-firing your pizzas.

The Collection

The journey to becoming a backyard artisan doesn’t end with Pi alone. The Solo Stove Pi Collection celebrates aspiring artisans in the pursuit of the perfect pizza. See how you can elevate your experience with the help of Pi’s custom accessories:

Stainless Peel

Constructed from 304 stainless steel and durable thermoplastic, Stainless Steel Pizza Peel is built to last as long as your Solo Stove Pi. Pull fully-cooked pizzas from the heat with guaranteed safety and structure.

Bamboo Peel

Essential for launching raw pizza. Bamboo absorbs excess moisture in dough to prevent sticking, so combined with the semolina or flour, your pizza can just slide right off and into the oven. 

Stainless Steel Pizza Turner

Highly specialized for rapid movements, Stainless Steel Pizza Turner is lightweight and compact. Perfect your lift-and-spin technique with the extended comfort-grip handle and rounded paddle. Stainless Steel Pizza Turner keeps the heat at arm’s length and makes an even, golden crust possible with chef-inspired technique.

Pizza Cutter

Slice with a secure grip and complete control. Pizza Cutter’s precision centered blade and handguard work for you so every effort is spent on enjoying the moment. Breeze through crust and toppings with ease instead of clumsily rocking a knife back and forth. 

Silicone Pi Mat

Pi Mat’s complete coverage converts the top of Pi into holding space for tools and accessories. Keep spatulas, stokers, and more close at hand without scuffing and scraping Pi’s polished surface.

Pi Shelter

Pi belongs in an outdoor kitchen– with this, you may be concerned about its preservation. Have no fear– Pi Shelter exists to keep Pi around for generations of pizza-making traditions. The weather-resistant PVC-lined cover protects your oven from all-season debris so your good moments can hold on for a brighter day. Extra pockets and velcro attachments for each fuel assembly give Pi Shelter the perfect fit.

Infrared Thermometer

Point, press, and read with precision. This tool is critical for ensuring your pizza stone is ready for baking at a steady 650° F.

Pi Stand: Coming Soon

Give Pi a place to call home. Made to sustain Pi’s temperatures, Pi Stand will be your trusty partner in baking pizzas for hours on end. Made for convenience, Pi stand includes caster wheels, and three included shelves made to place tools or pizza ingredients while Pi is fired up. Coming Soon to

Ready To Bake?