Going Under the Lid with Solo Stove Grill

The Solo Stove Grill design is the result of two years of testing to solve the need for a charcoal grill that is both efficient and easy enough for anyone to use. We took the challenge head-on, addressing common issues with charcoal grilling like long heat-up times, a messy, intimidating experience, and the need to have lots of grilling experience to make good food.

Our Signature 360° Airflow Design™

Everything about the Grill has been designed to overcome the guesswork involved with traditional charcoal grilling. How much charcoal do I use? How do I keep my grill at the proper temperature? I’m ready to eat this burger already, can’t this be easier? We found the key to eliminating these frustrations is in the airflow. By perfecting the airflow inside a grill you can preheat your charcoal faster and keep an optimal cooking temperature inside the grill to fuel longer grilling sessions (up to 45 minutes, we discovered). For the Grill, we achieved this through what we call our Signature 360° Airflow Design™.

Proper airflow is the secret ingredient behind the design performance in every Solo Stove product, especially the Grill. Our fire pits direct air across the top of the flame to create a secondary burn, but we needed to rethink how Grill directs airflow to create a perfect cooking environment.

There are two key factors in the Grill’s design that create its perfect cooking environment: the lower vent holes and the double-wall construction of the grill body.

The hot flame inside the Grill pulls air in through the lower vent holes. As that air is pulled inside, the hot air inside the double wall of the grill body forces the air below the flame. The flame then feeds on the air and forces it upwards towards the food you are grilling, then back down to the flame, and the process repeats. This continual flow of heat inside the grill creates a convection experience. This allows the Grill to not only light quicker but to use less charcoal while keeping consistent cooking temperatures (400-500°) for longer (45 minutes or more). 

This quote from Cool Things pretty much sums it up,

… this airflow creates an ideal convection-heating environment that produces maximum heat from your fuel that’s then distributed evenly in the cooking area. Suffice to say, it creates optimal cooking conditions throughout, with no need to make any adjustments or dump additional fuel at any point. Just light it, preheat it, and leave your food to cook.

According to the outfit, preheating takes as little as 15 minutes, so you can start lining the grates with food in short order, while it burns through a single batch of charcoal for as long as 45 minutes, so you can cook a reasonably large dinner with just one load.”

Grill Talk!

The Grill and its unique design have created quite a buzz. Check it out!

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