Give More Than a Gift, Give an Experience

By Jenny Gumbert

One of this season’s greatest joys is gift giving. When you choose the perfect gift and see the joy spread across the recipient’s face, it’s among the best feelings in the world.

However, gift giving and receiving can also be stressful. Maybe you just don’t know what to get somebody or you’re on the receiving end and are reluctant to accumulate more random items (even if they are well intentioned gifts). 

Above all, you probably want to give something meaningful. One of our favorite ways to give meaningfully is by creating a present that serves as an invitation for the recipient to enjoy an experience rather than just a material object. Here are some ideas for how you can give an experience, whether it comes in the form of plans, an idea, or a physical item that will aid in creating a meaningful experience.

Ways to Give an Experience

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Plan a trip 

Gifts are great, but every once in a while it can be nice to break up the giving routine with your family and instead plan a trip. Take the funds that you were going to spend on Christmas gifts and instead plan a Christmas trip (or a trip for a future date). Perhaps on Christmas Day, your family can unwrap items that will be helpful on the trip; think: new swimsuits for a trip to the beach, or camping equipment (maybe a stove?) to prepare for a big outdoor adventure. The trip will be a great experience where the whole group can create memories together.

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Give a skill 

Ever hear your friend talk about how they’d love to learn how to draw, play guitar, or write? There are so many ways to learn a new skill now thanks to the internet. Give a subscription to a website like Skillshare or MasterClass and your friend will have the opportunity to learn from experts about everything from knitting to coding to cooking.

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Give a useful, high-quality item that will contribute to their everyday experiences

There’s nothing wrong with giving physical items, but make sure that they’re either going to be meaningful or add value to the recipient’s life. A high-quality item like one of our fire pits or camp stoves can be an invitation for your loved one to spend more quality time with friends and family in his backyard or to reinvigorate their passion for camping. A quality gift also ensures that the item will contribute positively to their days for many years to come.

Find tickets to a concert or performance

Find a concert or performance to which you can take your friend or family member. Maybe a band that you both love is coming to town soon or you can splurge on great seats to see his or her favorite team play. This experience will not only be fun, but also a nice way for you to reconnect and make some memories.

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Make a donation

Give to a cause that you know your spouse, family member or friend cares passionately about (ie. animals, the environment, cancer research, etc.). The feeling of making a meaningful contribution to a worthy cause is unmatched, and they’ll appreciate how thoughtful your donation is.

Have any other experiential gift ideas? Share your favorites with us on social media!