Getting A Handle On Your Fire Pit

By Carolyn Owen

Solo Stove Handle

The Solo Stove Handle is the perfect carry. Inspired by our community, Handle gives its users a way to transport their fire pits easily and efficiently, in one fell swoop. Previously, transporting your fire pit proved to be a struggle due to its shape and size. Now, picking up your fire pit is easy-breezy thanks to Handle’s angled design. Read on to learn more about how we got a handle on easy transportation.

Designed to Enjoy:

Our team designed Handle to be simple to use, and strong enough to hold up to all of the adventures it’s carried into. Handle’s angled design allows for a smooth carry that you can lift yourself. There are a few reasons why Handle’s angled design makes for a great grip, the first one being that this design allows you to carry your fire pit with one hand. If you have a Yukon, you’ll need two hands. But, as long as you can handle the weight, you should still be able to carry it without additional help. The best part is that you can approach your fire pit from any angle, dip in your Handle, and lift with ease. Since there is no front or back of the fire pit, or the Handle, there’s no “wrong way” to insert it. Even while walking by, using Handle to lift your fire pit will be an easy, fluid motion. 

The angled design also allows the rubber bumpers on each of Handle’s ends to provide the perfect amount of resistance for a centered, balanced carry that is flexible enough to absorb motion while you’re making your way from Point A to Point B. The bumpers also keep your fire pit’s interior safe from scratches or dents, so there is no need to worry about any resistance from the Handle harming your fire pit. 

Angled design allows for a smooth carry that you can lift yourself with ease

“I love the new Solo Stove Handle. It makes things so much easier. Now I can carry my Solo Stove Fire Pit myself without asking anyone else for help. It allows me to easily get it in and out of the carry bag and move it around the campsite. With this handle our teenagers will be able to bring our Solo Stove to their friends campsites for sharing in the Solo Stove experience. The design is so simple, it’s genius.” – Lisa H.

Easy to Use:

Learning to use Handle is even easier than learning how to light a fire. Simply dip it into the fire pit, insert the first end into a secondary burn hole, and slide the second end up along the inner wall of the fire pit until you have a tight fit.

Once you’ve successfully gotten a Handle on your fire pit, you will be able to easily place it in your carry case, dump ashes, or transport to its designated safe spot after it has completely cooled down following a burn.

“The new Solo Stove Handle is functional and super simple. It’s a one, two and I’m done. It’s really easy. It allows me not to get my hands dirty when moving my Fire Pit and it’s so easy on my back. We use our Solo Stove all around the yard depending on how many people are over so this handle will allow us to move it with ease. It also makes clean-Read more about The new Solo Stove Handle is up at the end of the night go so fast as I no longer have to fidget and futz with the bag. This handle makes picking it up and putting it in the storage bag so easy.” – Kara B.

“Three things came to mind after using the new fire pit handle. Number one, it’s totally adaptable. The ability to put it in any of the flame holes at any time, and be able to flexibly move it, is fantastic. The second thing is that it’s an all in one. It gives you the ability to add to what you currently have and then lastly the ease of portability to be able to move, clean, transport, and empty, I think it’s a fantastic addition to the Solo Stove family.” – Maurice B. 

While Handle is exceptionally simple and convenient to use, you do need to keep a few things in mind for using it safely. First, Handle should never be used if your fire pit is still lit, or warm. While this can be a safety concern to the person lifting it, the rubber bumper has a chance of being damaged by heat as well. If your bumper is damaged, the fit of the Handle may be compromised, so it’s best not to test it out. Additionally, Handle should only be used to transport the fire pit, or fire pit + Stand alone. It shouldn’t be used as a bucket, or to transport firewood. 

Ready to get a Handle on your fire pit?