Get Outside and Stay Together

Jen Wales wanted her kids to grow up like she did: experiencing the freedom of the outdoors. Her twelve year old son, Eli, loves that freedom. We met the Wales Family at their home in Milford, New Hampshire where we witnessed the love and appreciation the Wales children have for their mom, as well as Eli catching, preparing, and cooking a fish over his Solo Stove Campfire.

Watch the video above to see the Wales family enjoy the outdoors and read about some of our favorite moments with the Wales Family below.

What does the Wales family love about being outside?

Jen: “I want my kids to grow up like I did: outside all day long.”

Eli: “Being outside . . . I love it. You can do things like fishing, playing sports, and making a fire.”

Jen: “Eli is so independent when it comes to those things. He can go fish, bring it home, and cook it.”

Eli: “You can’t get anything better than being able to cook something over a fire.”

Jen: “The fact that he will catch the fish on his own, prepare it, and do the entire process is awesome, especially for a twelve year old.

Eli: It’s so much more fun being outside than being in.”

How does it feel to be so independent outdoors, Eli?

Eli: “Taking a fish out of the river to cook is satisfying because you know you caught that fish by yourself. You came home, you filleted it, you got it all good to eat, and then you cooked it yourself and it came out tasting really good. There’s nothing to be more proud about yourself than that.”

Why does the Wales family love about their Solo Stove gear?

Jen: “[Our Solo Stove] gets people outside. It encourages people to be together. I think that’s what’s important. My kids made a Solo Stove gift card by hand. Inside it said: “Merry Christmas, Mom. This gift certificate is good for Solo Stove.” And there were a few hundred dollar bills in there that have since been used, because I have my Bonfire. This was the best Christmas gift I ever got.”