Free up Oven Space by Cooking Your Turkey Outside

By Jenny Gumbert

(Top photo by @youngutah, Solo Stove Content Creator)

Thanksgiving is THE food holiday of the year. Sure, Christmas has some good grub, but the combination of turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes, stuffing, cranberry sauce (and, sure, some vegetables) is a thing of beauty. Unfortunately, preparing all of those delicious dishes can be a challenge. Often, the most difficult part of Turkey Day is coordinating all of the food and finding space to cook it all.

Our recommendation? Save the oven space for your pies and bring the turkey cooking outside. Not only will you save space and add creativity, but you’ll be able to spend some of the busy day enjoying the beautiful fall weather. Set up your fire pit and invite your friends and family to gather while you cook your bird.

Unique Ways to Cook Your Turkey

Recipe & photo via Leite’s Culinaria
Smoked Turkey Legs | get the recipe

Yes, you can smoke a whole turkey (see below), but doesn’t everybody fight for the legs anyway?

Recipe & photo via Leite’s Culinaria
Smoked Turkey | get the recipe

Now that is one beautiful bird.

Recipe & photo via Alton Brown
Fried Turkey | get the recipe

Bless you, deep fryer, for making everything more delicious.

Photo & recipe via Bon Appétit
Grill-Roasted Turkey | get the recipe

Grill-roast your turkey until it’s beautifully brown all while enjoying the equally beautiful fall weather.

And for something completely different…

Photo & recipe via Betty Crocker
Ground Turkey Skewers | get the recipe

Maybe you’re tired of the intense meal prep that goes into planning your Thanksgiving meal year after year. Try something new this year by putting a twist on all of the classics, starting with the turkey. Go more informal with an easy to eat, grill-able interpretation of the classic main dish, like these fall flavored ground turkey skewers.

Bonus Recipe: Remix your Leftovers

Photo & recipe via The Kitchn
Thanksgiving on a Stick | get the recipe

If grilling and smoking on Turkey Day isn’t for you, keep the traditional Thanksgiving Day meal, but then take your leftovers outside.

Get the grill out and make Thanksgiving leftover skewers (for ideas for more easy skewers to go along with your meal-on-a-stick theme, take a look at our blog post). This recipe is intended for the stove top and the oven, but could be easily adapted for a camping stove and grill.

What’s your game plan for the big meal? Keep your eyes open for more recipe ideas and tips over the coming weeks. And share your photos and your favorite recipes with us on social media or via our submission form!