Fire Pits & Different Surfaces

Wondering if you need additional protection under your Solo Stove Fire Pit? Check out this list of common surfaces that you may encounter while using your Fire Pit and to learn more about the ignition temperatures for each.

Common Surfaces

Green Grass
Grass (green) can burn at 518° F. Depending on the hardness of wood and the duration of the burn, Solo Stove Fire Pits could potentially scorch green grass. Adding the Stand underneath allows for the cool air to circulate under the Fire Pit, keeping the temperature lower closer to the grass.

Concrete does not break down until it is exposed over 1,000° F. Under normal recommended use, 3-4 hours, Solo Stove Fire Pits will not get hot enough to break down concrete. If you have painted or stamped concrete, it’s best to use the Stand to be sure no damage is done to the finish.

Wooden Deck
Untreated wood ignites at 356° F. Since most decks are treated with a stain or sealant, it’s generally best practice to use a Fire Pit Stand in this case. Adding the Fire Pit Stand allows for cool air to pass underneath the fire pit and maintains an air gap between the bottom of the Fire Pit and the ground below.

Trex Decking
Composite decking has a manufacturer fire resistance rating from A to C. Check with your manufacturer or builder for what grade decking you have.

First, ensure that there is no dry debris such as small sticks or fallen leaves. Dirt poses no risk to being scorched and is completely safe to use your Fire Pit on.

Still Unsure?

If in doubt, add the stand. You never know where you may end up using your Fire Pit. Having the Stand ensures you can use your on several different surfaces without worrying about harming the ground below. All Fire Pit Stands nest neatly into the Fire Pits for simplified storage and transportation. When you’re ready to use your Fire Pit, place the stand on a level surface and center the Fire Pit in the middle. Start and use your Fire Pit as normal & enjoy!

Have Additional Questions?

If you have additional questions about Fire Pit Stands you can reach out to us at or at (817)900-2664.