Dogs of Solo Stove

We love all dogs here at Solo Stove, especially the ones we’re fortunate enough to share adventures with. They’ve kept us inspired to get out and enjoy some time outside and even shared some of their s’mores with us! In honor of the dog days of summer, we wanted to show off some of our employees’ fluffy pals and which Solo Stove makes them roll over.


Owner: Joe B., Marketing

Donut is a one-year old Great Pyrenees and Black Labrador Mix. She loves to nap, meet new friends, beg for food, bark, and get muddy.

Donut prefers the Bonfire because it’s the right size for her and Joe to cuddle up around in their backyard. (She even loves to help gather the firewood.)

Porter (left) and Cooper (right)

Porter and Cooper

Owner: Chris J., Marketing

Porter and Cooper love to play outside with their dad, Chris. They love their Ranger because that means there’s room on the deck to play on!

Luna and Smalls

Owner: Jeremy T., Logistics

Akitas Luna and Smalls are best of friends who will wrestle and play at any chance they get. They say their favorite Solo Stove is Yukon and love to munch on the chicken jerky treats Jeremy gives them while they enjoy the BIG fire.


Owner: Joseph G., Customer Experience

Sky is a handful of a Husky whose favorite Solo Stove is the Grill. As a foodie herself, she loves it when Joseph lights up Grill, and she even joins in to help cook. Especially when steak’s for dinner.


Owner: Eric J., Logistics

Nilla is Eric’s nine-year old Labrador “puppy” who loves all Solo Stoves because they can roast her favorite snack: S’MORES!


Owner: Connor H., Logistics

Rebel is a two-year old English Bulldog. His favorite things to do are nap, eat, and beg for french fries. And wrestle at 10:30pm.

Rebel’s favorite Solo Stove is Campfire. He doesn’t like things that are bigger than him, so Campfire is just right. It’s perfect for Connor and him to take camping or keep in their backyard.

Penny (right) and Beasely (left)

Penny and Beasely

Owner: Juanita C., HR

Penny the Maltipoo and Beasley the Cocker Spaniel are BEST buds. They love being outside and playing together 24/7.


Owner: Bryce W., Marketing

Dozer loves to lift weights (mainly firewood) and chase lizards. Bonfire is his favorite Solo Stove because the firewood needed to burn is at her training weight.


Owner: Travis R., Customer Experience

Zoey is a Red Nose Pitbull Travis rescued from a shelter six years ago. As you can see, she can’t stop smiling about her Bonfire.


Owner: Devin D., Accounting

Belle’s favorite thing is snuggling up near a fire in the colder months. She also loves to sniff and eat everything.


Owner: Rachel L., Marketing

This is Groot, the Great Pyrenees. He’s a loyal guardian, gentle giant, and friend to all. He loves to parade around the neighborhood when Rachel takes him on walks and is the friendliest pup in town. Groot is fond of Titan and Bonfire because he loves his adventure on-the-go or in the backyard. Groot takes his job as firewood guardian very seriously.


Owner: Sarah N., Customer Experience

Birdie just loves to play. You’ll find her and Sarah on trail or the lake, swimming laps around the competition. No adventure is too big for Birdie!

Wrigley (right) and Remi (left)

Wrigley and Remi

Owner: Tawny L., Sales

Wrigley and Remi are Long haired Dachshunds who love going to the lake, wrestling each other, watching baseball, and going for rides in the truck! They love Yukon because it’s big (like they think they are).


Owner: Yorai O., Logistics

Yorai thinks he’s the luckiest guy around to have spent so much time around a fire with Falkor. Falkor loves playing with Yorai’s kids, especially Yorai’s four-month old daughter. Falkor’s favorite games are fetch and tennis and chasing Yorai’s cat, Marley, around the house.

Alley, Gator, Dexter, Rodger, and Austin

Owner: Storey F., Customer Experience

Alley the Great Dane and Gator the Chihuahua go together like salt and sweet. They both love their Titan. Alley gathers the firewood while Gator supervises.

Dexter is a ten-year old Labrador/Basset mix who has been with Storey through thick and thin. He loves to lay by his dad’s lap by any fire.

Rodger is a Jack Russell who loves fire more than anyone in the family. He loves to camp out with Storey’s sons in the backyard and chase rabbits!

Austin just loves to chill. He’s the biggest and laid back member of the house who can’t wait to light up the Bonfire every weekend.