Creating Good For The People of Ukraine

At Solo Stove, it’s our mission to create good for as many people as possible. Whether it’s keeping your family fed, or feeling the warmth of a fire with those that matter most to you, it is our hope that our products will bring joy to whoever uses them.

Due to recent tragedies facing their country, the people of Ukraine have been faced with unimaginable hardships of displacement, hunger, and unrest. Like never before, these citizens are finding themselves in circumstances where a camp stove’s warmth is desperately needed.

With every fire pit purchased on, Solo Stove will donate a Titan camp stove to a displaced Ukrainian citizen with the help of World Vision. “Our mission has never been more clear. Because of the products we have and the good they can create, we want to make sure we are doing our part.” says Clint Mickle, Solo Stove President. Read on to learn more about this initiative.

Why is Solo Stove Partnering with World Vision?

Creating Good can look different depending on your situation. For Ukranians, we hope that the portability and reliability of a wood burning camp stove can help spark a single beam of light in a dark place. 

World Vision consistently provides relief to those in situations that cause unrest. By partnering with World Vision, Solo Stove can help ensure that the glow of a warm fire is felt by those facing adversity.

How is Solo Stove Delivering These Camp Stoves?

World Vision will be a major help in the delivery of Titan camp stoves to displaced Ukrainian citizens. Once our goal of 6,000 orders has been reached, we will ship the camp stoves to World Vision. From there, the stoves will be delivered to the different refugee missions stationed in Romania, Poland, and along the Ukrainian border.

Why Titan?

Portability is key when your living situation is constantly changing. Titan is small enough to cool quickly if needed, and can easily fit in a bag while on the move. They’re large enough to cook a meal, make coffee, or boil water in a short amount of time. Plus, enough radiant heat can be felt by a few people at a time while gathered around Titan.

How Do I Get Involved?

With every fire pit purchased on, Solo Stove will donate a Titan camp stove to a displaced Ukrainian citizen. Shop below: