Color Story: The Value Of 5 Signature Hues

by Devin Osbourn

Our Color Story

Fall is the season of change– stark transitions. Most notably the changing of the leaves. Landscapes and urbanscapes go from verdant greens to vivid rusts and ochres, in what feels like overnight. These colors tell an unmistakable story that everyone knows by heart. 

Solo Stove’s signature colors have their own stories to tell. 

Solo Stove Orange

Solo Stove Orange

Warm and vibrant, this orange pays homage to the flame. Maybe that’s obvious, but shared experiences are often disguised as the obvious.  

Shared experiences, common knowledge, and ordinary patterns can be taken for granted but to have something in common with every person you’ve met or will ever meet is nothing short of a marvel. 

firestarters regions
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Connection comes naturally when you are reminded that we are all in this together, and we believe strengthening those connections is the fastest way to do good.  

For this reason, a familiar orange flame is a constant reminder to find common ground.  

Patina Black

patina black

This is not a pure black, there’s a glimmer of something more. A well-loved Solo Stove collects color like you collect memories so that each burn amounts to a rich story.

@d.s.h.a.w has enjoyed his Bonfire for four years and counting. Even though it could be made to look brand new, he must share our affection for a diamond in the rough.

Duncan Shaw's Bonfire

Underneath the blackened surface is a golden glow– sometimes a beautiful cobalt blue.

The time we give to intentional experiences is brought to life by fresh steel turning into a gilded masterpiece

Giving your time and attention to life’s meaningful moments will surely produce a pearl to behold.

The decision to be authentic often rewards us as much as it rewards the people who surround us. 

Patina Black is an encouraging tale of comfort and pride in life’s journey, however the path might appear at first glance. 

Grateful Blue

Grateful Blue

The inspiration for this soft blue contrast to the Solo Stove Orange is not quite as obvious. So much of what is important in life is not what you have, and not even what you do. It’s your outlook and attitude. 

Bad days, mistakes, and uncertainty can throw anyone for a loop. When the dust of adversity settles, you have a choice to make. 

Waco brands a headboard during our bed-building event with Sleep In Heavenly Peace.
These headboards are ready to assemble for children in need.
Volunteers come together to deliver, build, and make the beds.

We choose to live gratefully because having an appreciation for the moments that make our lives meaningful will always spark joy brighter than a blue sky. 

Beneath this soothing blue is a cache of affirmations to live for joy.

304 Warm & 304 Cool

304 Warm and 304 Cool

There is something to be said for the muted qualities of gray and beige. Plain as day and less than stellar, they play support rather than take center stage.  

Gray areas are just a fact of life and evidence of the balancing act between polar opposites. When heat meets cold, there’s always a little turbulence. 

@clusk61 Sheltered Fire Pit in the snow
@clusk61 knows when to hold out for a warmer day.
Tracey S. Smokeless Solo Stove VS Regular Fire Pit
Tracey S. defends Bonfire’s title as the world’s favorite smokeless fire pit.

Defining your own truths and sticking to them with rigid strength will offer you more solace and stability than anyone can hand you. Have integrity, and you’ll always have the bearings to know up from down.

These listless hues bring attention to the balance of compromise and self-confidence.

Your Color Story

Have a story just begging to be told in color? Our dear friend Andrew, @aj.illustrates, has shared some of his creations. Coloring books are a great way for even the littlest storytellers (or biggest!) to get started. 

Our coloring book features Solo Stove favorites like Grill and Yukon, but before you pack on the pigment, consider two things.

Normal Colors VS Unusual Colors
Rock rainbows like these in your own fire pit with our Color Packs!

Share your color story with us! Tag us @solostove in your art.