Celebrate Campsgiving: Recipes to Cook at a Campsite

By Jenny Gumbert

Just as there’s a growing movement of people looking to reconnect with the outdoors and one another (it’s what our company is all about), there’s also an increasing number of families applying that same idea to the holidays.

Search #Campsgiving on social meal and you’ll see participants spending their Turkey Day in the great outdoors. And yes, that means cooking the big meal outdoors, too. While it can pose some challenges, it can absolutely be worthwhile. Not only will you spend more of your day outside, but you’ll be working together with friends and family to create a memorable meal.

While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with keeping it simple and using boxed stuffing and instant mashed potatoes (especially if you’re doing some serious backcountry backpacking), we know some of you like a good challenge and may want to try to recreate the whole meal from scratch.

With that in mind, we’ve collected a list of recipes that can be cooked over a camp stove (well, probably many camping stoves) and any other campfire you may have going. We’re keeping it to just the sides, as we covered ways to cook your turkey outside on a previous post.

Note: The key to a successful Campsgiving is planning and prepping. Just like when cooking a traditional Thanksgiving meal, it’s best to have as much done ahead of time as possible, especially when it comes to chopping and dicing.

Without further ado, here’s a list of recipes that are so good, you won’t have leftovers.

Campsite-Friendly Thanksgiving Side Recipes

Classic Cranberry Sauce | get the recipe

We’re not going to diss the canned classic, but this homemade cranberry sauce has a refreshing citrusy kick that will make you want to pile on more and more.

Image & recipe via The Kitchn
Stovetop Thanksgiving Stuffing | get the recipe

You don’t need an oven for deliciously herby and buttery stuffing.

Photo & recipe via Just A Pinch
Old Fashioned Candied Sweet Potatoes | get the recipe

Our favorite side dish (that is basically a dessert). Want to really go all in? Roast up some marshmallows over your fire pit or another stove and add them to each serving. So much yum.

Photo & recipe via Raia’s Recipes
Pan Friend Brussels Sprouts With Bacon & Fried Cranberries| get the recipe

You have to have at least one real vegetable dish at the table and a good batch of brussels sprouts is truly underrated. Add some bacon and cranberries for a perfectly salty, savory, and sweet side.

Photo via @grahamgeer
Camping Stove Bread | get the recipe

Bake some bread in your camping stove, because Thanksgiving can never have too many carbs.

Photo & recipe via Tasty Yummies
Sautéed Green Beans with Mushrooms and Caramelized Leeks | get the recipe

Another great option for a green vegetable that is full of flavor thanks to the mushrooms and caramelized leeks. Prep the green beans and leeks ahead of time to keep things extra easy.

Photo & recipe via REI Co-Op Journal
Upside-Down Apple Pie | get the recipe

Though more complicated than making a campfire pie (see below), this is still a one-pan dessert, and it’s totally worth the extra effort. It would impress any guest at a campsite or a traditional meal.

Campfire Pies | pumpkin pie recipe | cherry or apple pie recipe

Easy as…well, pie. We featured cherry and apple pies in a previous post, but pumpkin seems necessary for this autumn holiday.

Are you celebrating Campsgiving? Share your photos and your favorite recipes with us on social media or via our submission form!