April Afterglow

Cover photo by @youngutah

Spring is in full swing and nothing is slowing us down, even in a time of staying at home. Backyard barbecues and family fireside gatherings have always been king, but in this time of staying in place they’ve become extra special. 

Read on to catch up on the blog and the latest in Project Good on Instagram.

Best of the Blog

This month on the blog we’ve explored the origins of some of our most treasured campfire traditions, learned about the history of fire, caught up with Will and Kristin of Number Juan Bus, paid tribute to our heroes in healthcare and first responders, explored national parks from our own backyards, and rounded up some of the Solo Stove team’s tips for making the most of time at home. 

Phew. April has been busy.

Project Good

We’ve been blessed and humbled to share goodness with hundreds of families through Project Good. Check out the Project Good Stories from this month. Get your tissues ready.


“My wife and I own a cafe/bar on the edge of a low income part of town. 100% of our revenues support outdoor trips and tutoring for at-risk kids in the neighborhood (we both have jobs outside of this). The nonprofit we work with just bought a piece of property next door that we’re helping build a bike skills course and hang out area for the neighborhood kids and the bar customers to enjoy. The kids would love to have a place to gather around for s’mores.”


“I am currently studying to be a therapist in NYC. I have maintained my school work and internship throughout the pandemic. My roommates and I have both been unemployed during this time. We are doing our best to take care of ourselves and others while remaining grateful for the blessings and privileges we hold today. I would love to have a Ranger to put on our backyard deck to reduce some anxieties and provide a positive space for us.”

Jaclyn for her husband, William

“My husband is a nurse. He decided to isolate himself to live in our ’86 Toyota Camper during this time to protect our family. We have two children and one on the way! A fire pit would be great for him to relax around in the evenings.”

Nicole for her friend, Susan

“Susan is a nurse working tirelessly to assist and alleviate the burden on the most at-risk population. She is putting in long hours which places a burden on the time she spends with her family. I would love for her to have a bonfire oasis for her little family to have a mini-campout.”

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