Anyone Can Be A Grillmaster

By Carolyn Owen

There are a few universal truths in the world:

  • Driving through a tunnel will always be an exciting event
  • Stepping in water with socks on is a revolting feeling
  • You’ll never stop getting hungry

Let’s talk about that last one… it doesn’t matter what you had for dinner last night. Tomorrow will come, and you’ll have to make another dinner. And the next day, another one. And this will continue forever. In a world where the options to fix this are unhealthy fast food, expensive restaurants, and time-consuming meal prep, isn’t there a better way? What if everyone in the family could prep, cook, and eat– all in the span of 30 minutes?

Finally, the idea of the “grillmaster” is getting an upgrade– Dad’s not the only one that can flip burgers. Solo Stove products are made for gathering around, and the Solo Stove Grill is no different. Nothing should keep you from knowing how to make delicious recipes come to life– not your age, skill level, or whether or not you personally identify as a foodie.

With Grill’s circular design, everyone is invited to be the grillmaster. Pull up a chair and see how easy it is to bring delicious recipes to life in a snap with just three steps.

Step One: Prep – 10 minutes

Prepping your ingredients will be pretty much the same experience whether you’re in the kitchen or gathered around your grill. Make it fun, and see who can get their job done the fastest: you’ll need to get your Grill lit, form your burger patties, and slice your veggies.

If you’re racing, you might want to pick the job of lighting the Grill… It only takes about 10 minutes and it’s super easy. Learn how here.

Not into burgers? See what else you and your crew can bring to life with our Solo Stove Grill Recipes.

Step Two: Sizzle – 10 minutes

The Solo Stove Grill has a diameter of 22 inches, making the surface area 380.1 square inches– in simple terms that’s about 10 burger patties. Grill’s Short Stand allows grilling to happen at a seated level, for an experience that’s as leisurely as it is fun. Let everyone cook at once, and make your cook time a quarter of what it used to be.

Make sure you have the tools for the job: The Solo Stove Grill Ultimate Bundle comes with tongs, a spatula, and a meat fork so you can be prepared from day one.

Step Three: Enjoy – 10 minutes

It’s time to eat! Take it in, you’ve earned it, and it only took about 30 minutes! It’s amazing what optimal airflow can do. Learn more about how Grill works here.

Don’t limit easy dinners to your Grill, check out how Solo Stove Pi and the Fire Pit Cooking System can give you some time back.