Block Party Hero

7 Tips to Throw an Epic 4th of July Block Party

By Jen Higgins

While many consider Memorial Day to be the start of summer, the true kickoff in my book is July 4th. If you don’t have plans just yet, don’t fret, we’ve got you covered! Here’s an idea with minimal effort and a BIG result: Host a block party for your friends, family, and neighbors with your Solo Stove fire pit!

The best part? Your guests will be front row for that awesome neighborhood fireworks show! If you live on a busy road, ask your neighbor with the most suitable driveway if they are open to host.

How to Throw Your Own Block Party:

1.Pick a date and time then notify your neighbors via text/email. If you’re feeling creative, find an invitation online and drop a flyer in mailboxes.    

2. Make it a pitch in! Suggest everyone bring an appetizer, entree or dessert. You can use a tool like Google Docs or the app Sign Up Genius to plan out the menu ahead of time and ensure there is no overlap.

3. Poll the group to see who has folding tables, plate, and utensils for the party. Ask everyone to bring their own chairs and coolers with their beverage of choice.

4.  Don’t forget to bring your Solo Stove with plenty of wood! If you plan on cooking for a large group, wheel your grill into place, too.

Success! People are coming over, but what will they eat?

1.  Roast hot dogs over your Solo Stove. Seriously, is there anything better than a flame-broiled hot dog on a summer night? While this American-classic is an obvious option, it’s also must! (Pro-Tip: Try hot links to easily bring in some BBQ flavor!)

2. Make red, white & blue s‘mores! For a festive twist on the traditional s‘more, replace Hershey’s chocolate with red and blue M&Ms. For a healthier option, add fresh blueberries, strawberries, and a slice of banana. Here’s an awesome recipe from

3. Light up some sparklers! Fireworks are obviously the best part of the 4th, so grab those sparklers and light them directly over your Solo Stove!

This has me thinking, why not make street dinners a regular thing? Pick a night with your neighbors, pool your leftovers, and dinner is taken care of.  Your Solo Stove will provide the entertainment.

Happy 4th and have a great summer enjoying our freedoms with friends and family!