7 Companies that Elevate Your Camping Gear

Solo Stove has been proud to partner with several fellow outdoor companies this past year to help bring the outdoor community even closer together by providing the tools to help you reconnect to what matters to you! We’ve put together this list of 7 companies gear that has been tested and used by the Solo Stove Staff.

providing the tools to help you reconnect to what matters to you

These are just a few of the companies that we have worked side by side with and hope you enjoy their gear as much as we have.

  1. Buck Knives

An important tool, no matter the trip, is any sort of blade and a Buck Knife and Axe are our go to. A favorite around the office has been the Compadre Camp Axe & Knife, that features a walnut handle and a unique powder coated blade.

  1. Lodge Cast Iron

Our Lodge Cast Iron skillets make several appearances in our cooking videos and get put to work on every size of our Stoves. Lodge Cast Iron is known for their quality and craftsmanship and as an American household staple in nearly every kitchen that can easily be carried to the campsite.

  1. Hikers Brew Coffee

Whats a day out on the trail if it’s not fueled by the perfect cup of joe? (Step away from the instant!) We love that Hikers Brew offers smaller Venture Packs that make 4 6 oz cups of coffee so you’ll always have the freshest cup to brew up on your Solo Stove.

  1. Packit Gourmet Freeze Dried Meals

A fellow Texas company, Packit Gourmet creates freeze-dried meals that are something you’ll look forward to eating! Unlike other packaged food companies, we like that some of these meals are made in a pot or skillet instead of the bag, offering the comforts of home out on the trail.

  1. Nineteen27 Smores

Ending the night with a S’more is a type of camping ritual that everyone enjoys. Nineteen27 has reinvented the S’more you cherished as a child with fun flavors like Lemon Chamomile and Triple Chocolate (drool).

  1. GCI Outdoor

Next to a reliable fire, a comfortable chair to relax in is extremely important. Our go-to has been the GCI Outdoor Fire Pit Rocker (they frequently replace chairs even around the office). Pair up with a Bonfire and you have a night of perfection ahead.  

  1. Coffee Wick Fire Starters

These little firestarters are a powerhouse! Made from recycled coffee grounds and soy wax, they burn completely clean making them safe for Bonfires or your Cooking Stove. Also perfect in a pinch when the tender around you might be damp.