Small Yard, Big Impact

By Jen Higgins of @higginspired

While we have lived in our northern New Jersey home for a little more six years, we initially considered it to be our “starter home.” In that time, it has transitioned into our “forever home” following two major renovations and a genuine love of our neighborhood. While we have been able to update the entire interior of the house, the one challenge we face is that we can never change the size of the yard. Over the past year, we have made it our priority to create a space that we consider an extension of our home. Here’s how we did it:

Five Keys to Maximize a Small Outdoor Space

1. Find an outdoor set than can serve as both a sitting area and dining space. We fell in love with a sectional set that is paired with a dining height coffee table. It has proved to be the perfect solution for our small patio.

2. Invest in a shed or heavy-duty deck boxes (pictured above) to keep cushions and outdoor accessories protected from the weather.

3. Decorate your space as if it is another room in your house. Accent pillows, planters, and other pieces like lanterns, candles, and outdoor serveware can help create a space where you want to spend time. An outdoor rug can elevate your deck or patio as well.

4. Dedicate time to take care of your yard as if it were another room in your home. Plant flowers and water them. If you create a beautiful space that you are proud of, you will want to spend more time there.

5. Extend the seasons you can utilize the space by investing in a heat source. We chose the Solo Stove Bonfire and it has proved to be the perfect solution for our small backyard.  It’s super portable, durable, efficient, and easy to store. As a bonus, it fits perfectly under our outdoor dining table when not in use and both setup and cleanup can be done in a matter of minutes.