5 Fall Activities to Do Around Your Solo Stove

If you’re as excited about Fall as we are, you’ll be sure to enjoy these Fall-themed activities to create good memories around your Solo Stove and help usher in the new season!

01 Making Hot Cocoa Over an Open Flame

Some of our greatest Fall memories involve a steaming cup of hot chocolate. What better way to make memories around a fire with the whole family than by making your own?

Using either your Lite, Titan, or Campfire camp stove, warm water or milk in Pot 900, Pot 1800, or Pot 4000 and then add cocoa mix of your choice. Be sure to let it cool for a bit before serving, then top off with a couple of gooey marshmallows, freshly roasted over your Solo Stove fire pit.

Check out these delicious hot cocoa recipes to get you inspired!

02 Fall Scavenger Hunt

How about a scavenger hunt to get the whole family outside to enjoy the Fall weather? We think a Solo Stove scavenger hunt is a good idea where you make a list of the types of wood you need for a fire (tinder, kindling, firewood logs) and see who can find all the wood first! It’s the perfect way to pass on your own fire-building secrets to your young ones.

Check out these printable, kid-friendly scavenger hunts!

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03 Stargazing

Fall is considered one of the best times to stargaze. It gets dark earlier, the weather is nice, and you can get a last peek at the summer stars and a first peek into the winter stars. Spend a night basking at the beauty of a star-filled sky around a warm fire while trying to name as many of the constellations as you can!

This guide from National Geographic can help get you started.

04 Fireside Treats

Check out these tasty treats to make around a fire.

Campfire Apple Crisp

Photo and Recipe by Recipes From A Pantry

Pie Iron Pumpkin Pie

Photo and Recipe by Homemade Heather

You can make this recipe with a handy pie iron over your Solo Stove!

05 Carve Pumpkins

A certain special Fall holiday is around the corner. While your trick-or-treating plans might be a little different this year, carving your own pumpkins this Halloween is the perfect way to stay in the spooky spirit!

Check out these creative pumpkin designs to get you inspired!