30” Yukon Enters the Hall of Flame

Many of you have heard that our 30″ Yukon is retiring as we introduce a new 27″ version. The classic 30″ Yukon is our BEAST of a fire pit, and we like to think of its retirement like a pro football player being immortalized for all eternity in the Hall of Flame. 

We are so proud of the 30″ Yukon. It’s THE fire pit for making the biggest, baddest flame. However, there was one problem that was out of our control. We found that too many of our customers were receiving dented units. We do regular inspections on products shipping from our warehouse and we knew the items weren’t dented coming out of our door. But our shipping partners weren’t able to keep the 30″ Yukon blemish-free by the time it reached your door. We needed to ensure that every customer receives their “Solo” (The only one you need for life) Stove ready-to-go, out of the box the first time. Through a lot of testing, we found that reducing the diameter of Yukon from 30″ to 27″ accomplished this without compromising the cherished Yukon experience. 

Many in the Solo Stove community have made recommendations for improvement. As we looked to solve the shipping issue, we also considered these recommendations. There are two big priorities for us as we develop products: Safety and Longevity. 

With the reduction in size, the 27” Yukon weighs about 10lbs less. We hope this makes it easier to carry and clean. Additionally, the smaller size means it lights up faster and doesn’t use (quite) as much wood. 

That said, maybe you love the size. Maybe you’ve already ordered a cord of wood and you’re ready to fire up that 30” beast and make some memories! We’re giving you time to get your order in now before it claims its prestigious standing as the biggest fire pit we’ve ever made. We will absolutely ensure that any 30” order will be fulfilled with a blemish-free unit.

The current 30” Yukon will be available for purchase until June 30th before it enters the Hall of Flame. Starting July 1st, 2020 all Yukon orders placed will be fulfilled with the new 27” Yukon.

Helpful FAQ’s:

Does the 27” Yukon come with a removable ashpan?

It does not come with a removable ashpan. However, with the reduction in weight (10 lbs lighter) and size, we hope many customers find the ash removal process to be easier than the legacy Yukon.

Will accessories still be available for the 30” Yukon?

30” Yukon accessories are currently expected to be available for purchase on our website indefinitely.

What happens if I have a warranty claim on my 30” Yukon after June 30? Will I be receiving a 27” Yukon as a replacement?

We will have 30” Yukon inventory on hand specifically to cover warranty claims on 30” Yukons. Next year it could shift to the 27” ,but for now we will have 30” Yukons to cover any replacements. 

If I order a Yukon right now, will I receive a 30” or a 27” Yukon?

You have the choice to purchase a 30” Yukon or a 27” Yukon currently on our website. After June 30, 2020, the only Yukon available for purchase on the website will be the 27” Yukon.

Is the 27” Yukon better?

The only difference in the 27” Yukon is the size (3” smaller) which also reduces the weight (~10 lbs lighter). Other than that, the products’ design and function are identical.